A story of an activist

A statement to the public opinion

I am sending this letter to every living conscience, the responsible people and those who work in the field of Human Rights in Palestine. We need humanity more than rules that cause us poverty and hunger.

I was an UNRWA staff member 25 years ago, I resigned because of a medical deficit in 2009. A year after, I returned to my job under a condition of paying the savings for ten years. In the fourth year (2014) and because of the deductions, I was not able to secure the family needs. I went to UNRWA in order to get a food basket, while my salary was zero, but they rejected my appeal. Then, I went to the Head Field Office in order to find a solution and stop the deductions, but they also rejected after I called upon all officials in Gaza and Amman. I have all the emails and responses, especially those from Head Field Human Resources Office in Gaza and the same in Amman.

Due to inability to continue and bring main needs to my 8 members family, I resigned at the end of 2015 hoping that I will return after repaying all my loans and debts, this is what Ms. Director of Human Resources in Amman told me to do and I keep the emails as well. 

Unfortunately, I have been calling upon all officials of UNRWA in Gaza and Amman since April 2016 and telling them that I have spent all my savings to repay the UNRWA and the bank. Now we live without a salary and I cannot get my family basic needs.

They know that I have no money left, so I can live a dignified life. The UNRWA has sent a social worker twice, as the two social workers in RSSP have prepared the reports which mentioned that my family’s situation provokes to have me back at work, but unfortunately they have responded with a regret letter which shows that the Agency’s Policy stipulates on preventing me from returning to work. Therefore, I have appealed to them to employ one of my sons, the have rejected too.       

I was asked to go to the RSSP to get a food basket, but they refused again because of my rejected request. In spite of calling upon all officials and going to them all, I got nothing. It seems that they are waiting for my death until the program accepts me.

I told the director of UNRWA and the other officials that the occupation is threatening to strike my house and kill me. This is above all our obstacles and need, but sadly no one helps. I suggested to the UNRWA to sell my humble home and repay the debts and loans and get back to work as I were before, but they also refused.

I call upon all officials in the UNRWA, the Palestinian authority, Gaza Government, Human rights organizations and the Arab employees union to come visit my home and see for real the situation we are going through. I assign the responsibility on all officials for what is happening to us, how we are falling and how my sons are losing their seats at the university

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