When most people hear of Gaza, their first thought is Hamas, but they do not see or consider the people who are living there!

We are living in the world’s largest open air prison, for a crime we never committed

The congress members win votes, and the Gazan families are rewarded with bombs. United States sends “3.3 billion dollars” a year to Israel, but we are still waiting for President Biden to re-open the Palestine embassy here.  

The whole debate is so one sided that it is a pretense to be here with Israelis as if this was a fair place or an even playing field

It is rigged from the start

Like Frederick Douglas said, agitate, agitate, agitate

He said that change could not come without struggle

And those with power do not want change and People like Citizens of Gaza without power have to win power and influence to change it.

This is the reason I am here to speak

I do not believe in leaving the table

I am here to make people accountable

People are telling my story

People are stealing my story

People want us to be silent BUT we will not

Our very existence is our resistance.

This is not about cooperation alone- we can be cooperating for a summer- that is great. BUT for 74 years, we are under siege and occupation

We cannot cooperate with bodies that fund this!

Who perpetuate that.

We cannot be friends with occupation and tyranny.

We must own the truth, US congress you affect my reality, you create my pain even as much Israel does.

So I am here to invite you into a real conversation.

to face the tragedy that every day, I CALL my life.

and you call good foreign policy.

You are funding the State of Israel with 3.3 billion dollars a year

Who claim that they have to kill children to keep Israel free

What kind of freedom is that!?

So my American friends in congress

Please do not dismiss my words as just angry rhetoric

Do not turn away because you want to remain innocent

Do not turn my volume down when the blasts of your bombs will never cease ringing in our ears

Do not turn a blind eye on our reality and the echoing through generations, never ending.

NO, congress you must have the courage of your conscience

you must change

and ONLY YOU can do that,

Not me, Not NSL, Not Israel. ONLY YOU

We normal citizens want a normal life 

There are TWO million people in Gaza Strip, if there are TWENTY THOUSANDS are HAMAS, it does not mean that the other are!

What about the Million Children!? are we willing to help them have a better future, or we still stuck with the idea that GAZA equals Hamas and Hamas equals Gaza. 

Congressmen, I call on you to hear us

I call on you to do what is right and moral

because this is finally about who you are, as a nation

not us- who are you America??

Loai Ahmed

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