Gaza Embassy Staff

Director Leo Watkins

My name is Leo and this is our web site to get the Gaza story out into the world. What makes it so different and so urgent is that it is the Gaza story as told by Gazans. In times of conflict, people use stories as weapons these stories can be as lethal if not more so than any rockets and bombs.

In Gaza, I have worked for years as a project coordinator working in the field of community health and development and sports. I graduated with a Bachelors degree in English language and Translation, and a Diploma in English Language Teaching Methods from Gaza University.

Through my work with UNRWA, Doctors without Borders and Save the Children, I have had extensive experience in development and promoting human rights. I  also established a soccer program called Gaza Plays Peace (GPP), in the memory of 4 Bakr kids executed in 2014 by Israel for the crime of playing on  the beach. Our GPP teams are training for future tournaments. We are recruiting more children to expand this program to also offer children training in leadership and learn to speak and write basic English.

The boys are sitting after training talking about their stories beside the sea and what it is like growing up in a war zone.

It is my dream to deliver the stories and voices of the Palestinian children out into the world. My vision is to let all Palestinian and Non-Palestinian children connect and exchange their wonder for the world they deserve.