Chemotherapy and Postal Delivery

Chemotherapy and postal delivery

On the twelfth of this June, an announcement was made that the prisoner, Shadi Gawadra (34 years), had a lung cancer, and he has been detained since 2003, and he was wounded by 7 bullets before he was arrest. This article is about reporting cancer patients who are Palestinian prisoners in the occupation prisons:

There are more than 600 sick prisoners in the Israeli occupation prisons, 23 of whom have cancer, a number that has been rising since the beginning of this year. (Source: Al-Aseer Club, June 2022)

The occupation deliberately uses  a policy of medical neglect against sick prisoners, including cancer patients, as: Long delays in performing diagnostic tests. Also, delays in providing the necessary treatment e.g. surgeries and chemotherapy.

Diagnosis occurs after years of struggling with cancer!

The prisoner, Musa Soufan, has been asking for tests for many years and to be diagnosed, because he is in pain. The prison administration did not respond to his request until recently diagnosed that he had a lung cancer. Musa was Sentenced to life imprisonment since 2003, and he was thrown in solitary confinement for 3 years.

A body exhausted because of chemotherapy.

Even while they are receiving treatment, the occupation continues to restrict the prisoners. Immediately after receiving a session of chemotherapy or radiation, the occupation transfers them from the hospital directly to the prison via “Al Bosta” like they are some kind of lab rats or a mail that you move it from a place to another, with inhumane conditions that cause more pain and deprive those patient prisons from even the least of dignity or maybe one or two days without prison, they are dying, they are not a danger to your security.

Two martyrs in 2020

The two prisoners, Kamal Abu Waer, from Jenin, and Saadi Al-Garabli, from Gaza, died inside the prisons of the occupation, after they were diagnosed with cancer during the years of their detention and due to the delay in their treatment by the occupation.

From the stories of sick prisoners..

The prisoner Ehab Al-Kilani was released from prison in April 2022, after a streak of arrests since 2007, during which he spent about 4 and a half years in prison. Just a month after his release, he died of complications caused by cancer.

In June 2022, it was announced that the prisoner, Iyad Nazir Omar (sentenced to 24 years in prison since 2002), had a tumor behind the ear, and in 2021 he underwent surgery to remove a previous brain tumor, and he still suffers from instability in his health. He is still counting the days to die. Maybe death is much more merciful than what he is going through.

Written by: Loai Ahmed

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