What it feels !

In Gaza, if you go outside to buy something, so you have to fear the moment that you get caught for doing NOTHING.

If you leave your home, you fear it gets robbed.

If you do not like your job, or you feel that your job is pressing you to do things you do not like or you do not master, you will be on the verge of being kicked-out.

If you have money, and you think of spending them on something, you will fear that maybe tomorrow, you will not have money anymore. This is what it feels. But focus, there is still more. If you save money, you will regret it because you have a lot to buy and you have a lot to be asked for. So, you cannot save money, or otherwise it will be useless.

The government and the mob in Gaza force you to live pathetically, that is to put an example, if you buy some bread, think well that maybe tomorrow you will find NO BREAD. Why ! Because, Hamas has done something horrible or the Israelis are practicing their agenda on Gazans. These agendas are caused by many factors, one of them is the local factor, which is done by Hamas to serve the Israeli agendas. Make them starve. Make them beg. Have them living under your mercy.

If you walk along side the road, in any moment you could be killed. By whom?. I will tell you. Either by Hamas’s Mob or by the Israelis shells. Why the Israelis?. Because, they will claim that they were targeting one of Hamas’ members. But you are the victim. We will always be the VICTIMS.

We as Gazans, if we live in our lands, we are on the verge of being poor, killed or even imprisoned for claiming your basic rights. If you stay home, you will be a silent devil who is Ok with what is happening. If you wanna travel, you cannot. Why?. Because, Egyptians and Israelis are locking down terminals. And if you manage to get through miraculously, NO country will accept you. Why?. Because, most countries in the world are considering Palestinians as riot-causing savage people.

The problem is not with Palestine, nor Israel. The problem is that Israelis and Hamas are carrying out their own agenda with our welfare on our bodies, so that NO LAND nor dignity is earned for the Palestinians.

Let our losing dishonored filthy leaders enjoy their Fancy cars and full bellies. One day, it will be so sad and devilish on them. When they realize that Palestine and Palestinians’ dignity and rights are way more important than Marrying four women or riding a fancy car.

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