Ceasefire- But Don’t read the Fine Print


“After 11 days of killing, it is time to call a halt.
If you stop doing what you are doing to us,

we will stop what we are doing to you.
If you stop firing the rockets at Israel,
we will stop bombing the Hamas sites in Gaza” 

We Know You Don't Read the Fine Print | Osano


Underwritten by Egypt on behalf of The IDF Re-Assurance Company in partnership with the USA Military and Congressional Budget Office for Precision Guidance Systems and Weapons of Mass Destruction

The following agreement does not enter into any commitment to liability for damage or loss of life as a result of military action and the parties to the agreement enter into a good faith consent that is limited only to the limited and periodic cessation of violence. It does not enter into any commitment to, or liability for the lack of action in any other areas not specified and among those areas specified that this agreement deliberately excludes. This agreement does not affect the parties and their pre-established positions and interests and is not in any way to be interpreted as binding the unilateral signer to this agreement as prohibiting any furtherance of the the said activity that is herein halted in the interests of that same dominant party. All exclusions are included and the ones thus numerated below are absolute and in no way affected by the cessation of military action.

We won’t lift the siege. We won’t end the occupation. We won’t release Palestinian children from prison. We won’t retreat from our claims to East Jerusalem. We won’t relent on patrolling and controlling access to Al Aqsa. We won’t stop the checkpoints or the midnight raids. We won’t stop building settlements on your land. We won’t stop the demolitions of Palestinian homes. We won’t let Gazans travel out. We won’t let Gazans travel in. We won’t let food or first aid get in. We won’t let urgent medical cases out. We won’t recognize your right to return. We won’t acknowledge the Nakba. We won’t admit we owe any reparations. We won’t stop our drone surveillance or bombing. We won’t stop assassinating your leaders. We won’t stop lying about civilian casualties. We won’t stop killing your children at will. We won’t recognize Arab Israelis as equal citizens. We will not rescind our right to return to military action whether necessary or unnecessary as soon as our politics demands it.

“In good faith, we make our offer again.
If you stop doing what you are doing to us
We will stop doing what we are doing to you. “

Just don’t read the fine print.

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