Israel is killing Gazans in a hundred ways- Loai Ahmed

Fire, scary sounds of air-raids and screams of mothers losing their children. But what about Phosphorus!

A Lethal weapon and something that could not be seen in pictures and videos. It is the most dangerous factor in the current war. A report by the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza stated that a group of Palestinian youngsters were killed after being exposed to inhaling toxic gases during the recent Israeli raids on the Strip. The direct cause of death was suffocation, with apparent symptoms indicating a direct exposure to toxic gases.

The report adds: β€œThe necessary samples have been taken to complete the relevant exams,” while it did not indicate the nature of the toxic gases or the targeting that citizens were exposed to before death.

Phosphorous bombs

Phosphorous bombs are considered an internationally prohibited weapon according to the Geneva Convention of 1980, which stipulated the prohibition of the use of white phosphorous as an incendiary weapon against humans and the environment.

Nonetheless, Israel used it in the war on Gaza in 2008 against civilians and environment. This type of bomb has a strong chemical activity and an insane speed of interaction with the atmosphere.

White phosphorus, in times of contact with the air, ignites and oxidizes very quickly and produces phosphorous pentoxide, and when these bombs explode, they produce very high heat, the intensity of which reaches the explosion of the element phosphorus, to produce a massive burning flame that burns everything in the way of contact, either humans, trees, or even soil.

It produces dense, toxic white smoke that kills a large proportion of those who inhale it for a long time. Whether from humans, animals, or even organic organisms, what may later cause an unforeseen environmental disaster.

In case that an area is exposed to contamination by the reactions of those bombs (white phosphorous “WP”), this affects all elements of environment from i.e. water, air and even soil and human and other organisms, and its effect reaches every living organism in the target area (PS: All of Gaza is a target and all of it contains “WP”, since its direct effects on humans are concentrated in causing burns, Second and third degree and many skin diseases. It leads to suffocation when inhaled and causes diseases to the respiratory and nervous systems, as well as causing severe damage to the liver, heart and kidneys.

Gaza is being exposed to unthinkable quantities of those bombs, which will affect every single being that breathes on both short and long term. While the environment and soil are still suffering as well as humans, the Food Chain is destroyed as well.

Finally, such lethal weapon destroy agricultural activity for a long time in the lands that have been poisoned with white phosphorous. The trees burn. The animals die. The land is devastated and humans die slowly or they die fast in this slow moving holocaust.





Loai Ahmed

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