Prayers for Palestine

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Invade the third holiest site, of the second largest faith in the world, during the sacred month of Ramadan, and on their holiest night of the year, when the Prophet received the Quran, and what would anyone expect? To be greeted with flowers and chocolates? What was so threatening about prayer and fasting? You would have to ask?

Its not insane. Its intentional incitement. Why.?? Hello??? Is anyone trying to stay in power, form a government and defer criminal charges? plus an inquiry over 47 Jewish celebrators crushed to death? The so called only democracy in the region has had 4 elections in 2 years and cant seem to make it work. So Let’s have an emergency. Better than a 5th election!!!

Under political pressure, the usual MO is bomb Gaza. We tried Lebanon years back and it was a bad choice. So why not? They are 2 million in a prison camp. No one will care. Hamas plays the monster part so well. They will take the bait and fire their crackers and then, the story is ours to tell of their unprovoked aggression. We were just minding our business. Those nasty Hamas. And press the tape” right to defend our own territory.”

USA loves that trope a dope. So bomb Gaza and boast of accuracy and precision to take out the bad guys,… and you kill 9 children ( so far)? Plus a mother. Oh, we missed. Oops. This, the “most moral army in the world” with the most precise weapons delivery system continues to stretch credulity to the consistency of worn out chewing gum. F15s and F16s split the sky and yet, can’t precision bomb when there is 2 million crowded on 140 square miles bordered by walls and sea.

May 15 is Nakba day. What better way to remind Palestinians of a distant memory than to show them it never ended. Never. Dispossession and terror and murder continue from overwhelming force, the “shock and awe” brought to you by a USA backed military, against a largely defenseless, unarmed occupied people who only have rocks and home made fire crackers to resist.

The world either supports the oppressor or goes Trumpy to say there are good and bad people on both sides, ignoring the incitements, first of the desecration of the holy day and second, the incitement of 73 years of dispossession and occupation. Ask 5 million refugees if they agree?

The media and the State Department make It sound so normal, like two kids on a playground losing it, but one has tanks, nukes, a million troops and 34 billion in arms we pay for and the other kid is tied up, checkpointed and behind bars. Will you 2 kids just settle down? Be nice, for goodness sake. Or we will send you home. But only one kid has a home.

This cannot end well. The lives so far lost on one side ( now sadly, 2 dead on the other side) will provoke a response local and global that the oppressors are not expecting. Someone should be reading about Britain’s response to the Easter Rising 1916. Solidarity is going global. Black Lives Matter has come out to support the struggle of the occupied.

When George Floyds brother and Breanna Taylors mother come out and say ” we are all Palestinians” you will know the ground is shifting and the Zionist project is putting itself in grave peril, and all for short term political gain. And all because Bibi could not bear to wish his neighbors a happy Ramadan. He is fighting for his political life. We know this playbook.

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