chanGE the World

Storywise presents:
for Story-Strategic
Change (HSSC)


But lets clear up some terms first.

How DO you change the story?

First you have to understand what a STORY is

And then, what it is that needs changing in the story

 Even before you understand what needs changing in the world. 

Usually we go the other way around- we feel we know what needs changing  in the world and we charge ahead without realizing that if our change strategy derives from the same world of assumptions that created the urgency in the first place, we are probably doomed to fail. It is like trying to reform capitalism to create more economic equality without understanding that capitalism is founded on economic inequality.

If we want to create a two state solution by negotiating with the same people who devoured our land and our people in the first place, why do we think we can succeed in that? It is like the hunter negotiating with the hungry lion. Shall I be your entre or your desert? Or the bank manager negotiating with the bank robber to give  some of the money back.

We first have to see what is shaping the reality in terms of what it means, and reshape that in such a way that reality has a chance to shift. Otherwise, we end up frustrating ourselves  and driving our opponents into a double down defense because they see us as a threat.  It happens all the time.

For instance- on NSL-The Palestinian Mahmoud told of the Gaza cease fire which allowed food to come into Gaza. The Israeli  Sapir asked- even though she knew the anwer- where did the food come from? Israel said Mahmoud. Then he could not resist. Its like us feeding the lamb before we slaughter it at Eid. The Israeli lost it and screamed,  “you are all terrorists!” Did that change her mind? Or make her hate Palestinians all the more.

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